Versace has a colorful and surreal grandeur

The Versace brand was founded in 1978, and its logo is a snake-haired banshee Medusa in Greek mythology, representing a deadly attraction. Or to say, all the sacs are more appropriate. Originally popular in the fashion field, Versace has a colorful and surreal grandeur, with a strong trend of pioneering art.

In addition, Versace also operates perfumes, leather goods, bags, porcelain, glassware and furniture products.
Versace Home (Vancouver) chief designer William Chan designed the European-style Italian style Casa Maggiore listed in Richmond!

The designer’s rich luxury home design experience and superb spatial layout ability, whether it is the interior and exterior of the house and the layout of the plane, or the proportion of interior decorative lines, color matching, furniture selection and so on, They are all ingenious, so that you are pleasantly surprised and happy.

The house is full of elegant and elegant Versace furniture, wallpapers, marble-textured floors and bathroom wall tiles, luxurious and exquisite crystal lamps… every detail is designed and built to be subtle. The vivid design style of Versace and the unique beauty of the house are vividly displayed.

A lavishly high door and living room can be seen in the entrance, the banquet restaurant is equipped with a custom-made thermostatic wine storage wall for 250 bottles, the gourmet kitchen plus Chinese kitchen is equipped with top-level appliances, and the comfortable breakfast room is equipped with a special Versace cushion. Spacious Western-style open kitchen, connected to a large luxury professional home theater and family event hall. The upstairs spacious master bedroom comes with a premium spa suite, two walk-in closets, and a 700 square foot balcony. The other three suites have separate access to the balcony.